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  • 产品概要: After years of tireless efforts in the research and development of advanced technology in the field of CNC engraving and milling, as well as close cooperation with benchmarking manufacturers in the 3C
  • 产品概要: 1. Manufacturers of auto navigation devices; 2. Manufacturers of touch screens for auto navigation devices; 3. Manufacturers of other automotive supplies (including touch screen).
  • 产品概要: 1. LCD TV manufacturers; 2. Manufacturers of advertisement players; 3. Manufacturers of computer displays; 4. Manufacturers of computer display screen and protective covers; 5. Displays of other large-size touch devices.
  • 产品概要: 1. Manufacturers of photoelectric glass covers for auto devices, intelligent wearable devices, smart home, smart medical and industrial equipment. 2. Manufacturers of glass windows for LED shades, instrumentation and electronic products.