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  • 产品概要: Automatic production line to overcome the manual loading and unloading and downtime caused by the waste of capacity, to achieve a seamless continuous processing, can be achieved in the middle of non-stop, improve the production capacity of more than 30%.
  • 产品概要: Automatic manipulator using feeding system, realized each person can also operate 10-16 devices, reduce the 2/3 before the human, it not only saves the manpower cost, let the customer more convenient
  • 产品概要: The use of centralized liquid supply and filtration system greatly reduces the amount of cutting fluid, which saves the cost for customers, but also brings a stable cooling effect for the process. Tool life extension, quality is more stable.
  • 产品概要: The design of the whole cover and the centralized dust removal system solves the problem of the water mist and dust in the processing of the new product. Do not clean the environment, reduce the harm to the