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Fire drills to prevent people from "burning" | Ocean Xiangrui 2018 annual fire drill

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In order to further strengthen the fire safety awareness of all employees of the company, improve the actual combat skills of fire prevention and disaster relief, and prevent the problem from being “burned”, on the morning of August 15, 2018, all employees of Ocean Xiangrui Huizhou Industrial Park conducted fire drills.

Before the start of the drill, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the fire drill and to ensure the safety of the participants, on the evening of August 13, the general commander of the drill called each working group and held a fire drill preparation meeting. On the afternoon of August 14, professional knowledge training and rehearsal were conducted for staff involved in fire fighting, evacuation and rescue.
At 8:00 am on August 15, the fire drill officially began.

First, conduct evacuation drills to simulate employee evacuation after a fire in the company's dormitory. Immediately after the company found the smoke, it reported the general command and issued a fire alarm signal. The fire alarms and fire alarms of the whole factory were sounded. The evacuation team staff assisted the staff to flee the scene quickly and orderly, and the fleeing personnel arrived at the pre-designated open space collection, and counted the number to see if there were any missing persons and wounded.

Subsequently, a fire drill was conducted. The officers and men of the Liangjing Town Fire Brigade of Huizhou City explained the fire prevention essentials, safety firefighting common sense, the initial fire type and the fire hose, the use method of the fire extinguisher, and demonstrated how to use the fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. After listening carefully and observing, the employees took the fire extinguisher and carried out the actual operation. In the face of the burning fire, the employees performed very calmly and skillfully followed the fire-fighting steps and methods to quickly ignite the smoke. put out.

Finally, the manager of the administrative manpower department, Yang, conducted training on fire protection knowledge for all employees and made a concluding speech on the entire exercise.

Through this escape self-rescue and fire-fighting skills drills, the employees have enhanced their awareness of fire safety and achieved the purpose of this emergency drill. Our emergency plan, fire alarm and personnel emergency evacuation procedures have made all employees familiar with the emergency operation process, and further enhanced the staff's awareness of prevention and emergency escape and self-rescue.
Fire safety is above everything else, and fire fighting has a long way to go. We believe that with the joint efforts of the employees of Ocean Shipping, we will be able to do a better job in fire safety.

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