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Mr. Qiu Jianxiong, Director of Huizhou City Technician College, visited our company to exchange reports | Ocean

Writer:OCEANSource:OCEAN Number of visits: Date:2018-07-17 15:47:32
At 9:00 on July 12, 2018, the director of Huizhou City Technician College Qiu Jianxiong, a total of 8 teachers came to our company to visit and guide, and discussed the implementation details of the school-enterprise cooperation project. Hu Yong, vice president of the company, Cao Zhongchun, deputy general manager, Li Zhongnan, general manager, and Yang Shulin, manager of the administrative manpower department, attended the reception and attended the meeting.
At 9:30, representatives from Huizhou Technician College and our company leaders held talks in the reception room on the first floor of the company's administrative office building. They discussed the details of the school-enterprise cooperation project and conducted detailed consultations and reached consensus.
During the talks, the teachers of Huizhou Technician College were very concerned about the students of the technicians' colleges working in our company. They asked them in detail about their work and living conditions. The students were very satisfied with the existing jobs and living conditions. Under the guidance and encouragement of the company's leaders and technicians, the students are very confident to work, study and develop in the ocean.
The manager of the administrative manpower department also explained to the teachers the direction of the company's talent training and the employment policy. The students of the technician school will provide more internships and jobs. The company and the school are highly recognized that the cooperation between the two sides will be broader and broader. In-depth, it will effectively promote the cultivation of practical talents in school-enterprise and achieve the strategic goal of mutual benefit between schools and enterprises.
At 10:48 in the morning, a simple school-enterprise cooperation listing ceremony was held. The plaque marking the school-enterprise cooperation project was officially hung on the side of the gate of the Ocean Xiangrui Office Building. The teachers from Huizhou Technician College and several leaders of our company conducted the ceremony. Take a group photo to witness this exciting moment.
At 11:10 am, Director Qiu Jianxiong and his team, accompanied by the leaders of our company, visited our research and development hall, machine shop, assembly workshop, canteen, dormitory area, etc., President Hu, Vice President Cao, Li Tezhu The leaders gave a detailed introduction to the company's production process, equipment performance, technical advantages and market influence to the representatives of Huizhou Technician College. They were highly praised by the teachers of the technicians.
At noon, the teachers experienced the company's staff meals. Everyone expressed their approval for the company's feast-style dining mode and the quality of the food. They are completely assured that their students can live and work in the company. After lunch, the two sides made a brief summary in the reception room on the first floor of the office building. Both parties felt that there was more interaction and communication in the next step. On the principle of “resource sharing, complementary advantages, shared responsibility, and common development”, the two sides can carry out multi-level and multi-form cooperation. The technical backbone and scientific research workers of the school can enter the enterprise, let the teaching theory be used in actual production as soon as possible, and further promote the integration of production, teaching and research. The two sides can also jointly run schools, jointly build scientific research projects, and hold on-the-job training. We will carry out more extensive cooperation in areas such as academic promotion and truly achieve mutual benefit and win-win.
The construction of the internship training base by Yuanyang Xiangrui and Huizhou Technician College is a milestone. We firmly believe that with the full support of Huizhou Technician College, Yuanyang Xiangrui will become more and more stable and faster in the journey of realizing China's intellectual creation!

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