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Difficult to popularize folding screen mobile phones within five years?

Difficult to popularize folding screen mobile phones within five years?

Difficult to popularize folding screen mobile phones within five years?


Turn on the second-generation PAD, a foldable screen mobile phone called "future mobile phone". In February this year, Samsung released its first folding screen phone, the Galaxy Fold, and plans to release it on April 26. But with the problem of frequent evaluation of mobile phone failures exposed, it is doubtful when the Galaxy Fold will be launched on the market, and it may even be forced to cancel all reservation orders. According to industry analysis, subject to shortcomings such as price, capacity, and durability, folding screen mobile phones may not be popular within five years.

To save the smartphone trend

Folding screen phones are considered to be the next major trend for smartphones. The successive release of Samsung and Huawei folding screen phones has made consumers feel amazing. But what followed was Samsung's "overturning" accident: black screens, folding hinge protrusions, screen creases, and other issues that made people worry about the practical prospects of folding screens.

In the twilight of the 4G era, smartphones tend to be homogenized. Under aesthetic fatigue, CPU processing speed, phone thickness, battery life, and camera pixels have become the focus of competition among major manufacturers. Market research agency Canalys recently released the latest shipment statistics report of the global smartphone market, showing that global smartphone shipments fell by 6.8% in the first quarter of this year. This is the sixth consecutive quarter of decline.

As the global mobile phone sales champion, developing new markets and gaining more new users is undoubtedly the main reason why Samsung is determined to enter the folding screen mobile phone market. Samsung originally wanted to use the folding screen phone to break the deadlock in the market downturn. However, it turns out that the technical stability, yield and durability of the folding screen phone are far more important than competing for eyeballs. If manufacturers want to occupy the high ground of innovation, they can't produce perfect products. It is not enough to just "snack".

According to foreign media reports, Samsung has issued a statement that if the Galaxy Fold issue cannot be resolved by the end of this month, all reservation orders will be cancelled. As of press time, Samsung China has not responded to the news.

Yield rate of flexible screens to be improved

It's not just Samsung who is caught in the fold. As early as October 2018, domestic Rouyu folding screen mobile phones have accepted appointments on its official website, but consumers have received very few mobile phones.

"On April 28 this year, Rouyu took out some folding screen mobile phones and snapped up on Tmall for one day. On May 9, Rouyu will also adopt a similar method to launch a round of snap-ups on the official website." Rouyu related The person in charge told this reporter. However, Rouyu expressed inconvenience in terms of production capacity, sales volume and yield rate.


折叠屏手机使用体验如何?此前,网友们发布的多个体验视频显示,三星Galaxy Fold和华为Mate X在全屏展开后,无一例外在屏幕中间都会有淡淡的灰白色折痕。对于苛求完美的用户来说,折痕无疑是道过不去的“坎儿”。





华为消费者业务CEO余承东曾披露,华为Mate X仅铰链链条就有多达100余个零部件。对于机械产品来说,活动部位越精密、零件越多,出问题的概率自然会增加。


价格居高难下,则是折叠屏的另一大短板。三星Galaxy Fold售价1980美元,而华为Mate X折叠屏手机全球最贵,约为1.7万元人民币。即便是柔宇最低配的折叠屏手机,价格也要8999元,远超华为、苹果、三星等大牌厂商的主流旗舰机售价。“太贵了,还不见得好用。为什么一定要用折叠屏?”多位消费者表示,对折叠屏手机会长期观望。

According to Liu Qicheng, the editor-in-chief of "Communication World", the folding screen mobile phone is just an extension of the concept of a large screen mobile phone. Whether it can become the mainstream of the market in the future depends on whether there are new formats or new applications to support it in the 5G era. "In terms of main indicators such as weight, power consumption, price, water resistance, and durability, folding screens will be 'steady at a disadvantage' compared to single-screen phones for five or six years. During this period, folding screen phones are likely to be used only as a high-end machine. Type of niche product. "He believes.

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