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Lenovo snatches folding screen computers, will Samsung follow suit?

Lenovo snatches folding screen computers, will Samsung follow suit?

Lenovo snatches folding screen computers, will Samsung follow suit?


When the folding screen technology stirred "a pool of spring water" in the mobile phone field, Lenovo could not wait to grab the "jackpot" in the PC market.

On May 13, local time in the United States, Lenovo released a number of computer products, including the world's first foldable screen computer ThinkPad X1 series prototype. The product uses a foldable 13.3-inch OLED display, is equipped with Windows operating system, and comes with a virtual keyboard function, weighing about 1 kg.

This foldable computer has taken three years to develop, but as for the specifications and price, Lenovo has not disclosed relevant information for the time being. It said that it will be officially launched in the first half of 2020.

Some reviewers have pointed out that compared to folding screen phones, the folding form has better application effect on laptops. Whether it is screen operation or portable office experience, folding screen notebooks have more room to play.

But so far, the folding screen technology has not yet fully matured, and the related terminal equipment has only appeared as a prototype. I am afraid that there is still a long way to go before it is truly commercial.

Folding PC

This is Lenovo's first foldable technology in the notebook field. But in 2016, Lenovo also publicly showed a prototype of a foldable mobile phone developed by Lenovo Research.

However, after three years, the product has not been described below, and Lenovo has not responded positively.

In contrast, Samsung, Huawei and other mobile phone manufacturers showed their latest technological achievements at this year's WMC conference, making folding screen mobile phones the protagonists of this year's technology industry.

It is worth mentioning that on the second day of Huawei's launch of its first folding screen phone Mate X, Lenovo Group Chairman Yang Yuanqing commented, "All current folding screen phone products on the market do not exceed Lenovo A concept phone released three years ago. "

This also shows from the side that there are still shortcomings in folding products, and Lenovo may also have a certain technical bottleneck on folding screen mobile phones, which has led to the terminal product that it has been developing for three years still not officially commercial.

Regarding the progress of foldable mobile phones, a person in charge of Lenovo told Times Finance that "the time for Lenovo to officially launch a folding screen terminal device must be mature at the application level, not a conceptual product simply to attract attention."

Although Lenovo's folding screen mobile phone has not been unveiled, it has put more effort into the mobile phone market this year and launched such as the flagship Lenovo Z6 Pro mobile phone.









今年4月,三星Galaxy Fold在各大评测机构手中出现了诸如闪屏、黑屏和铰链凸起等故障,导致设备无法正常使用。随后,三星紧急取消了原定于4月24日在中国举办的Galaxy Fold新品发布会,至今仍未告知最新进展。



However, Lenovo told Times Finance that "this folding screen computer doubles the amount of hinge cycle testing and uses a completely different engineering method to protect the screen and hinge design. When the screen is fully open, it will not Visible scratches appear. "

It is understood that Lenovo's folding screen computer uses an OLED 2K foldable display produced in cooperation with LG Display. The screen ratio is 4: 3, and the screen reaches 13.3 inches when expanded. It can be folded in half to reduce the width by half.

"From a technical point of view, Lenovo's folding computer screen is not difficult to achieve, and it can be used in mass production." Wang Xingren said, but folding screen computers must solve several major problems, such as ergonomic design, keyboard Configuration effects, and the adaptability of the system. "

It is not difficult to see that Lenovo is trying to consolidate its leading position in the PC market through the display of this new technology of folding screen computers. But from the perspective of the future, the folding screen computer must be expensive. For consumers, how many people are willing to pay for this "black technology"?

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