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Rouyu's open production line responds to questions for the first time: it will speak with products and the market

Rouyu's open production line responds to questions for the first time: it will speak with products and the market

Rouyu's open production line responds to questions for the first time: it will speak with products and the market


       In October last year, while the mobile phone industry was still experimenting with various full-screen forms, a company called Rouyu Technology released the first flexible-screen mobile phone FlexPai in front of industry leaders such as Samsung and Huawei. Since then, different voices from all sides have also pushed Rouyu to the cusp of the wind.

  Regardless of whether it is in the industry or the outside world, Rouyu's attention is mostly focused on the flexible screen mobile phones it releases, which include questions about technology, the possibility of mass production, and the yield of commercial products. However, as the center of the vortex, Rouyu did not respond too much after the release, which makes people more curious about this company.

  Recently, Rouyu opened the Rouyu International Flexible Display Base and its production line in Shenzhen for the first time, invited a number of industry media to go there, and demonstrated the production process of flexible screens, including OLED screen coatings that the outside world is most concerned about. , Cutting, and adding touch modules.



Highly automated production inspection

  The opening to the outside is Rouyu's six-generation full-flex screen production line in Longgang District, Shenzhen. The third year after Rouyu was officially established in 2012, the park has begun preparations and construction. After four years, it officially started production in 2018.

  It is understood that the total area of ​​this open area is about 100,000 square meters, and the construction area is about 400,000 square meters. The main product is the rollable flexible screen used on the FlexPai mobile phone released last year. We visited the entire process of the flexible screen production line workshop, and also saw a variety of high-precision equipment including exposure machines, evaporation machines, etc. We found that Rouyu's production workshop uses a highly automated production process, of which Very few operators.

        Rouyu's staff said that because the screens they produced are only equivalent to the thickness of household cling film, but in an 8-inch screen, more than 20 million flexible ultra-precision devices, 6 million flexible integrated circuits, A kind of micro-nano film material. Therefore, the entire workshop has high requirements for cleanliness. A clean room circulation system is used in the workshop to ensure that less than 100 particles per 0.5 ft of 0.5 micrometers are cubic , which is why there are few workshop operators. During the one-hour visit, we saw the entire process from production to inspection. During the inspection, we saw the complete process including automatic machine inspection and manual instrument-assisted inspection.

Making a mobile phone is not an up-and-coming mentality







上游下游两手抓 目前无上市计划

  From the outside world, Rouyu's main energy is still devoted to the marketing of flexible screens, more like a supplier. Liu Zihong believes that through cooperation with more enterprises, it can find as many application scenarios as possible. At present, In the six fields entered, many large-scale landing scenes have been found, and many new thinking directions have been provided for Rouyu's next-generation products. There is already a mature mechanism for providing upstream products and services.

Fully automated production line

  At the same time, for the downstream market Rouyu has been actively deployed, Liu Zihong told us that Rouyu has started to sell products other than mobile phones, including smart notebooks, AR helmets, 3D mobile theater, etc. These products have brought some cash to the company In the future, Rouyu's product layout plan will also have its own product content. Both 2B and 2C can do it. This is also determined at the beginning of the company's establishment. It will not set limits on the company's development. At present, actively promoting products to the market faster is the main development goal.

  On the spot, some media also proposed a prospect for Rouyu's IPO. According to public data, Rouyu Technology has conducted a total of 9 rounds of financing in the 7 years since its establishment. The investors include Shenzhen Venture Capital, IDG, and Songhe Capital mechanism. At this time, listing may be the only way most companies will choose, but Liu Zihong said that Rouyu has no plan to go public at present. "Investors have always respected our ideas. There is no plan to go public at present, and some will make announcements. . "

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