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Where did the lift and dual-screen phones of 2018 go in 2019?

Where did the lift and dual-screen phones of 2018 go in 2019?

Where did the lift and dual-screen phones of 2018 go in 2019?


In the fall of 2016, Xiaomi held a press conference to release its first curved screen flagship Xiaomi Note 2. At that time, the note series was crowned by Xiaomi as the top high-end flagship. After Xiaomi Note 2 was released, Lei Jun, who was standing on the stage, again digged out. A product was released, this product snatched all the scenery of Xiaomi note2, and successfully reached the top one year later, taking over the responsibility of the note series, since then Xiaomi has no note series.

Compared with the impact on Xiaomi, this product has a more prominent impact on the development of smartphones. It has opened the curtain of an era, let the mobile phone screen break through the 16: 9 limit, and let all mobile phone manufacturers devote themselves to research and proactive Confrontation, this confrontation is estimated to take 3 full years.

It's Xiaomi mix.

Apple guides direction

  In 2017, in addition to the Xiaomi mix series, which still uses a big chin without forehead design, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have chosen a full screen design of 18: 9, which is based on the original 16: 9, reducing the width of the forehead and chin. The outbreak of full-screen games was concentrated in mid-2017, the first half was still a 16: 9 mobile phone, and the second half was all 18: 9 full-screen.

This is the easiest to reach full screen solution. The supply chain has matured in half a year, and it looks like the most coordinated solution. Today, Meizu ’s flagship mobile phones still use a symmetrical full screen design to reduce the width of the forehead and chin. This design also gained a lot of support in the era of water drops and bangs.


In the same year, Apple released the iPhone X with a bangs screen design. Due to the increase in screen ratio, when domestic manufacturers have put their fingerprints on the back, Apple boldly removed the fingerprint recognition and switched to face ID. This function is implemented Although the problem of back openings was solved, the big bangs were also retained.

If Xiaomi Mix opens the era of full-screen, then iPhone X opens the era of bangs, and in the following two years, mobile phone manufacturers have worked hard to solve this bang, it is no exaggeration to say that Apple has guided the full-screen Development direction.

Lifting, dual screen and two blossoms

In solving the problem of bangs, domestic manufacturers have made great contributions. The first to appear is the water drop screen. No face ID is required. With the back fingerprint or screen fingerprint, the components are hidden and made small. The water drop screen appears. On the water drop screen, user habits have not changed.

It is the consensus of everyone to shrink the bangs area. When the shrinkage is small enough, the next step is to remove the proactive shot. Domestic manufacturers have three solutions: lift, slide and dual screen.



双屏手机不是新鲜概念,早在非全面屏时代,就有背部墨水屏的手机,也有带画屏的魅族pro7系列,到了全面屏时代,用背部的屏幕自拍成为了去掉前摄自拍的解决方案之一。vivo推出了vivo nex双屏版,更像是一个试错;努比亚 X采用双屏设计,代表其品牌高端旗舰,在这个技术方案上,参与的手机厂商不多。








推出mix3的小米推出了升降摄像头的Redmi K20系列,荣耀沿用挖孔屏,联想推出了水滴屏产品,双屏和滑盖屏败在哪里?



Needless to say, dual screens, selfies on the back are not in line with the normal usage habits of users. Although the thickness and weight of mobile phones are reduced, there are few early adopters.

In fact, I think the most important reason is the popularity. If a new technology is particularly niche, ordinary consumers will think it is more fancy and impractical. If the popularity is high, most mobile phones use this design, and consumer recognition will be higher. After all, when buying a mobile phone, most users buy it instead of trying it out. In other words, the lifting structure can become the mainstream, and has a relationship with the previous mobile phone shipments and publicity.

The popularity has a lot to do with the shipments of manufacturers. Without the right to speak in the supply chain and the basis for shipments and sales, new technologies will not be applied and advanced earlier. Therefore, manufacturers make customized plans, mature to the mainstream of the supply chain, and then fully popularize to friends. The mature use of new technologies is increasingly dominated by large manufacturers.

However, some manufacturers of screen cameras have begun to warm up. I believe that in the near future, it will be the beginning of a new era. However, judging from this case, major manufacturers will still dominate and launch the application and update of this technology. .

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