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Folding screen phone why "thunder and heavy rain"

Folding screen phone why "thunder and heavy rain"

Folding screen phone why "thunder and heavy rain"


Huawei's folding screen mobile phone has also heard the news of coming soon. On October 14, according to people familiar with the matter, Huawei ’s first folding screen phone Mate X will be released on the 26th of this month, and Samsung folding screen phone Galaxy Fold will also be officially launched in China in November. From the first quarter of this year to the present, Due to screen and adaptation issues, the launch time of these two phones frequently jumped. Compared to the enthusiasm when the concept was launched, the folding screen mobile phone market is relatively calm, and the agency's forecast for this year's sales is even less than 1/4 of the beginning of the year. Although the market and consumers still have expectations, the inadequate production capacity and poor yield of the folding screen supply chain, as well as mobile phone thickness, battery life, heat dissipation and other experience issues need to be resolved.



Make a comeback

  On October 14th, there was news in the industry that Huawei Mate X is currently in mass production and will be announced in the country at the end of this month. However, due to the difficulty of production and the low yield, the initial supply will not be too much. . Huawei did not respond to this news. However, a person familiar with the matter revealed to reporters that Huawei will release the Mate X in China on the 26th of this month, so the listing time should not be too late.

  Mate X was already available as early as February this year, and was originally scheduled to go on sale mid-year, but the Samsung Galaxy Fold suffered from the embarrassment of screen quality problems at that time, which may be affected by this. Huawei chose to delay the launch of this folding screen phone, and It is announced that it hopes to optimize the adaptation of the App for the folding screen and strengthen the quality control.

  In June this year, He Gang, president of Huawei ’s mobile phone product line, revealed in an interview that “Mate X adopts a new product design and supports 5G. It is expected that Mate X will debut in the next one or two months.” But there was no official time to market at that time, after all, folding screens required a lot of application adaptation work.

  By August of this year, Huawei also stated that it would start selling the Mate X between September and November, but there was no sign of the sale until the end of the National Day holiday. Some analysts pointed out that because Huawei released and launched their mainstream new flagship Mate 30 series last month, it is inevitable to stagger the initial sales of the two new models.

  In addition to Huawei, Samsung's folding screen phone Galaxy Fold also frequently bounced tickets, this product was also in February this year. However, during the evaluation process after the launch, the Galaxy Fold was found to be in danger of screen damage, so Samsung took the initiative to cancel the early pre-order on the official website, and did not announce the specific timetable for re-sale.

  6月,一位接近三星的人士向记者表示,三星Galaxy Fold将于7月在国内上市,但三个月过去了,毫无发布的迹象。上述知情人士透露,三星Galaxy Fold在国内的发布时间改到了11月初。



  然而,市场调查企业Counterpoint Research新发布的《全球折叠屏智能机展望报告》预测,今年全年的折叠屏手机出货量约为40万台,不及年初预测值(190万台)的1/4.Counterpoint Research指出,较少的货量和迟迟未定的上市时间降低了消费者的关注和购买心理。



  据悉,三星折叠屏手机Galaxy Fold在9月6日于韩国上市后,初期货量仅有3000余台。




  "All the folding screen phones released now do not exceed the concept released by Lenovo three years ago. Many manufacturers are still making PPT products. The products are placed in glass cabinets and the price is high, and you can buy several tablet computers." Yang Yuanqing, chairman of Lenovo Group Commented on folding screen phones.

  A large part of the reason why the folding screen mobile phone has a "thunderstorm and a small raindrop" is that the technical problems have not been resolved. Senior communication industry expert Ma Jihua believes that the technical pressure of folding screen mobile phones is very large. All related technologies of smartphones were aimed at tablet phones. Once applied to folding screen mobile phones, many fusion or matching technologies are not available yet There are doubts.

  Communication expert Liu Qicheng further pointed out that there are several problems that need to be solved at present, one is the problem of the axis; the other is the folding and thickness of the screen; the third is the software system problem, that is, how the application splits and closes the screen.

  Regarding the future prospects of folding screen mobile phones, the industry's views are not quite the same. "I am optimistic about the future of folding screens, at least I want to quickly use the one." Ma Jihua admitted that from the perspective of the development speed of 5G, at the same time that the network level is increasing, the user ’s demand for large screens will also become stronger and stronger, but now The overall size of mobile phones has been unable to continue to expand. In addition, the emergence of hole-screening and under-screen fingerprint technology still cannot solve the problem of large screens. Only the folding technology can be easily carried along with the large screens. New technology is needed, and it may take longer.

  "Technical loopholes are normal. In fact, when smart phones first appeared, the most important thing at that time was multi-touch. The first-generation iPhone didn't work well, but it quickly matured. I think the folding screen Mobile phones can enter an outbreak period after about one or two years. "Ma Jihua said.

  Liu Qicheng believes that although there is a certain market demand for folding screens, it is only a niche market. "Today's development of smartphones, there is no room for further innovation in the form of hardware. Folding screens are actually an extreme performance of full screens and a variant of dual screens. .When Apple made the folding screen, that shows that the technology is fully mature. Now Samsung and Huawei both want to grab the concept, and more want to show their technological leadership in this field. "

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