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One of the key technologies of full-screen, hard-screen special-shaped processing and molding technology has regained attention

One of the key technologies of full-screen, hard-screen special-shaped processing and molding technology has regained attention

One of the key technologies of full-screen, hard-screen special-shaped processing and molding technology has regained attention


  In the full-screen display technology, in order to obtain a smoother rounded corner design effect, the hard-screen special-shaped forming technology is a very important part of it. The time when China began to introduce a large number of rigid display special-shaped processing and molding technologies in the Chinese market can be traced back to the period when China's domestic black-and-white LCDs began to be popularized. Specifically, electronic watches with liquid crystal displays began to flood, and foreign brand companies began to seek differentiated survival in the high-end market, but the production capacity of black and white liquid crystal displays was concentrated in China in the middle and late 1990s.

  I remember that in order to develop LCD screens that could cut octagons, circles, and even holes in the middle, they also searched the entire LCD display supply chain manufacturers. Under the circumstances that cannot be solved in the industry, the scope has also been expanded to the jewelry processing and eyewear processing industries. Grinding machines, sanders, and ultrasonic special-shaped drilling machines have all appeared in the workshop. It is believed that there are still black-and-white LCD manufacturers in the industry. They are still using Beijing's grinding machine factory for processing glasses and high-speed drilling machines for lathes and tool holders to process these irregular-shaped LCD displays.

  Finally, in order to find more suitable glass processing equipment, I also found the craft carving machine used in the advertising industry to process signboards, just because the above description can process "plexiglass" and can also perform curve cutting. After I got it, I found that the process speed of the spindle is too low and it can only cut plastic "plexiglass". It cannot cut real silicon-based glass. In order to use it to cut glass, we have to use various methods to mill The speed of the blade grinding head is mentioned above 3600 rpm. Now the best glass carving machine is actually developed based on the combination of grinding machine, high-speed drilling machine and craft carving machine, plus ultrasonic efficiency assistance.

  The second wave of enthusiasm for the processing of shaped glass processing technology broke out. It was also a period when the technology of glass carving machine was not mature after the capacitive touch screen market came up. In order to improve the processing efficiency of glass cover plates, the industry hoped to introduce shaped glass. The processing and forming machine can profile the glass cover plate at the time of opening to reduce the grinding time of the glass with four rounded corners. However, with the breakthrough of the grinding head technology of the glass engraving machine, after the multi-stage grinding heads with different cutting speed abrasives can be produced on one forming knife at the same time, the processing of shaped glass has become a very simple matter.

  “智能手机保护玻璃盖板的应用,正是由中国企业开始引领全球手机制造业新技术应用的代表。”深圳市远洋翔瑞机械有限公司(以下简称:远洋翔瑞)董事长龚伦勇先生对手机报在线表示,“玻璃CNC精雕机及智能手机保护玻璃盖板加工技术,完全是由中国人研发出来,并被中国产业界持续改进与完善的‘中国技术’。” 远洋翔瑞在3C行业、消费类产品的面板、机壳等快速加工领域,已经有了全自动玻璃精雕设备、智能高光设备等全自动智能制造车间整体解决方案。



  远洋翔瑞在与客户沟通时发现,采用其它加工成型方式的硬屏OLED\LCD全面屏加工成型持术,不一定有当年加工OGS电容式触摸屏时,所积累的如何保护硬屏OLED\LCD PIN脚与线路技术,而且有些客户即便是有,也不一定成本可以降到同样水平,能为客户节省更多的成本,获得更高的加工良率和加工质量,从而获得更多的利润。





  COSCO Xiangrui also said that in addition to continuing to provide customers with mature molding and processing technologies such as sapphire, 3D glass, ceramics and other new brittle material structures, metal structures, display devices, etc., it will be used in the field of brittle material mobile phones in the future. Based on the equipment manufacturing industry, research and development of more new types of special materials CNC numerical control equipment, as well as the development of corresponding processing equipment for the emerging new materials of mobile phone structural parts, make COSCO Xiangrui a smart manufacturing of global mobile phone structural parts with Chinese characteristics Solution provider.

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