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How big is the impact of COSCO Xiangrui on Liangjing Town?

How big is the impact of COSCO Xiangrui on Liangjing Town?

How big is the impact of COSCO Xiangrui on Liangjing Town?


  Shenzhen COSCO Xiangrui Machinery Co., Ltd. signed a contract and settled in our town in 2015. In December of that year, it acquired a plot of 20251 square meters in Beilian Village, our town. At present, 2 factories and 1 office building have been completed. It is expected to be completed and put into production in July this year, bringing huge economic and social benefits to our town.




  So, what kind of company is COSCO?

  The top three leaders in smart manufacturing segment industry

  Founded in 2009, COSCO Xiangrui has grown from a small group of dozens of people to one of the top three companies in the industry with more than 200 employees. Maybe some people do n’t think so, is n’t it a small factory with 200 people? But since COSCO Xiangrui replaced the machine, the labor efficiency has increased by 10 times. Actually, these 200 people are equivalent to more than 2,000 people. The benevolent sees people, the wise sees wisdom. Walking into the factory area in Shenzhen Pingshan New District, there is wisdom everywhere. Sino-Ocean Xiangrui Development has obtained 18 national patents in 3 years, and as many as 10 applications have been filed this year, achieving the transformation of independent research and development of enterprise equipment. Nowadays, many large enterprises in the country have used COSCO Xiangrui's robots, and they will pay close attention to the international market in the future. Gong Lunyong credits it to the wave of product research and development driven by technological reforms within the company.

  At COSCO Xiangrui, the construction of the R & D team is handled by the chairman. "Our current research and development team has the full support of Harbin Institute of Technology, which contains the national treasure-level precision carving machine tool bucket, which is the most senior in the industry. In addition, this year we will also set up an automated research and development laboratory at Harbin Institute of Technology. Dozens of senior professional engineers are engaged in R & D work there, so many of our equipment have advanced genes in the global machinery industry. "Gong Lun Yong, Chairman of COSCO Xiangrui, introduced to the new NBC board reporter," At the same time, we implement product managers in management Responsibility systems link product development and market performance, so our R & D team is very dynamic. "

  At present, COSCO Xiangrui has rich technical accumulation in CNC machine tools, industrial manipulators, and workshop automation. Core products such as mobile phone glass engraving machines with manipulators, and non-standard workshop fully automated production lines have become the first choice for many domestic smart manufacturing companies. Sino-Ocean Xiangrui has become the focus of various intelligent manufacturing exhibitions, and it has also become a killer of the high-performance growth of Sino-Ocean Xiangrui in recent years.

  In 2015, COSCO Xiangrui's performance made rapid progress, with revenue of 180 million yuan and a profit of more than 27 million yuan, achieving a double harvest of 208% year-on-year increase in revenue and 2977% of profit. It has become a front-runner in domestic intelligent manufacturing, and has ranked among the top three industries.




  Cosmopolitan Xiangrui manipulator "changes" into a bright spot in the future will lay out big data industrial applications

  On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2015, when all the enterprises in the Pearl River Delta were on vacation, Sinovel was still working overtime to make smart devices. These batches of intelligent equipment worth more than 30 million yuan were customized by Dongguan City's model enterprise, Rupita Technology Co., Ltd. Ruibida (833290), as a high-quality enterprise on the New Third Board, has previously reported on the new Third Board. The "unmanned factory" built by Ruibida with the help of industrial robots has become the object of competition between the media and investors.

  Under the guidance of the country "Made in China 2025", automated production is getting deeper into many fields, and various robots, injection molding machines, stamping machines, conveyors, etc. are constantly appearing in the public eyes. The production and sales volume of industrial robots has grown rapidly. It is estimated that from 2015 to 2020, the market size of China's industrial robot industry will maintain an average annual growth rate of 30%. By 2020, China's industrial robot sales will reach approximately 233,100 units.

  "The development and application of robots is conducive to the development of industrial automation, and will effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of China's traditional manufacturing industry, which is also in line with China's 2025 development strategy." Gong Lunyong said. In the application of CNC machine tools and robot industry, COSCO Xiangrui has been leading the industry development trend. In the national machine substitution industry belt, COSCO Xiangrui firmly grasps the market's right to speak with its deep intelligent technology.

  In the future, Cosco Xiangrui takes advantage of the development opportunities of the Internet + to build a big database, provide data support for product development, industry trends, customer service, etc., and explore the application of big data in industry.

  Through remote control technology, customers are more convenient to use, not only can monitor the working condition of the device through the computer, but also can monitor the device and modify the program on the mobile phone directly through the network. As an equipment supplier, COSCO Xiangrui can diagnose and debug equipment failures even across the continents and oceans. When the equipment sold in the past fails, the company's after-sales maintenance personnel have to run the world. Let COSCO Group enter the era of "Industry 4.0".

  At the national level, the call for "equipment manufacturing industry to become the main battlefield of China's scientific and technological innovation", the pace of Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025 is approaching, COSCO Xiangrui is actively trying out, building a platform, and has already started the "NC generation" and The pace of intelligent manufacturing provides a "bag" for the transformation and upgrading of major traditional industries.

  It is understood that Sino-Ocean Xiangrui has completed the joint-stock reform in 2013 and will soon be preparing to list on the new third board.

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