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From Xiaomi Samsung to Apple, why phone manufacturers are falling in love with full screens this year

From Xiaomi Samsung to Apple, why phone manufacturers are falling in love with full screens this year

From Xiaomi Samsung to Apple, why phone manufacturers are falling in love with full screens this year


According to the news on September 16 , "Wired" published an article that pointed out that from Xiaomi to Samsung to Apple, why are mobile phone manufacturers eager for frameless full screen design? In the past ten years, the smartphone's internal configuration has achieved stunning technical improvements, compared to its industrial design has not changed much. And minimizing the border seems to be the last territory to be conquered by mobile phone design.

Some people say that the current obsession with shrinking borders began in 2007 . That year, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs introduced the first-generation iPhone , which had a 3.5 -inch touch screen surrounded by a thick square frame. It is also said that this obsession appeared earlier, after all, science fiction writers have long imagined mobile phones as a square glass without a frame.

Regardless, the bezels of mobile phones are likely to disappear in the past few years. Today, almost any flagship phone uses a full-screen design with almost no borders.

That's the case with Apple's new iPhone X. Samsung Galaxy S8 , millet just released Mix 2 and " Android Father" Andy Rubin ( Andy Rubin ) leadership to build the Essential Phone , also both are true. The disappearance of borders has become a trend, which is not just about design aesthetics.


challenge the limit


最大限度地缩小边框似乎是手机设计要征服的最后一个领地。曾与惠普等公司探索无边框设计的设计咨询公司Argodesign联合创始人马克·罗尔斯顿(Mark Rolston)指出,“智能手机正在挑战极限。”

对于许多科技公司来说,全面屏设计已经酝酿了多年时间。“10多年来,我们一直都想要打造一款正面全是屏幕的iPhone,”苹果设计主管乔尼·伊夫(Jony Ive)本周在新品发布会上播放的一个视频旁白道,“打造一种消融于体验的实体设备。”


举例来说,苹果成功取消掉Home键,将面部识别功能Face ID的电子套件塞进屏幕上方正中间的小凹口。对于Galaxy S8,三星将它的指纹传感器挪到设备的背部。小米对于Mix也取消掉了外部扬声器。

这些设计选择并非完美无缺。例如,小米的第一代Mix用户抱怨音质太糟糕;而iPhone X用户将需要重新学习一系列新的操作手势和依靠脸部识别技术,来完成该手机最重要的一些任务。“有时候,你会发现过于挑战极限会引发很多的易用性问题。”Frog创意总监伊恩·李(Ian Lee)指出。




无边框的全面屏手机最显而易见的好处是什么呢?屏占比更高,意味着用户有更多的空间浏览照片和视频内容。“运营商、手机制造商、包括苹果和谷歌在内的平台出于自身利益考量都想要提供更多的视频内容。”设计工作室New Deal Design创始人加迪·阿米特(Gadi Amit)表示,“内容浏览体验变得更有吸引力了,人们自然也会花更多的时间在上面。”

Electronic devices have always been better consumers: mobile phones want to become more like televisions; televisions want to become more like the big screen of a movie theater. But mobile phones have some inherent limitations. Human hands don't get bigger, neither do pockets. The newly released iPhone X has a screen size of 5.8 inches; the longer and wider iPhone 8 Plus screen size is only 5.5 inches. "In essence, the iPhone X screen has become larger, but the overall size has become smaller." Holger Kuehnle , design director of design consulting firm Artefact . In an area where industrial design upgrades are so slow, that's a big improvement.

If the phone has reached its maximum size and the screen has reached its maximum size, what's the next step? First, the phone still has a bezel. "I call them 'near borderless phones' for a reason," Ian Lee pointed out. If you look closely, you will find that all full-screen phones have some kind of "bond" that connects the screen and the body. The curvature of the OLED screen makes that transition very delicate, but "ties" still exist. In theory, the next step is to completely remove the bezel of the phone and use a flat glass tube to house all the electronic components. It sounds crazy, but companies are already working on this vision. "It 's totally feasible to create a 360- degree completely bezel-free screen," Rollston said. "I expect it to appear first on Android phones made by Chinese manufacturers ."

However, for now, companies such as Apple and Samsung will continue to trim the border little by little. It doesn't matter if the screen has spread to the edge of the device, after all, the area is basically useless. Bezels have always been a visual reminder of the tedious engineering work of cellphone manufacturing. What's so magical about that?

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