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ZTE Axon M Folding Screen Experience: Secret Skills

ZTE Axon M Folding Screen Experience: Secret Skills

ZTE Axon M Folding Screen Experience: Secret Skills


[Mobile China Reviews] In recent years, mobile phone screens have become larger and larger. How to make more content available on a limited screen has become the focus of mobile phone development. With the introduction of curved screen and full-screen cameras, the shape of mobile phones is also quietly changing. The large screen performance has become the standard for mobile phones today. Although the user experience has been improved, over time, problems have come. And aesthetic fatigue.

Last year, the weathervane of the mobile phone circle has always been a full screen. In the red sea of ​​full screen, ZTE has gone the other way and launched a more innovative differentiated product-ZTE Tianji Axon M. The dual-screen design of the aircraft gives users "individual skills" and unlimited possibilities to easily connect with the surrounding world.

ZTE's Axon M folding smartphone has perfectly combined the portability of traditional smartphones with the expandability of dual-screen design. As the most obvious point of differentiation, ZTE Axon M has two 5.2-inch screens with a resolution of 1080P, which can be folded up to 180 degrees by being connected together through a hinge. After unfolding, it has a large-screen vision almost similar to that of a tablet computer. Users can freely enjoy the smooth operation brought by dual-screen synchronous processing of multiple tasks.

The two screens can be used in different modes to deal with different usage scenarios, including single-screen mode, split-screen mode, large-screen mode, and mirror mode. Innovative design in four different modes to achieve a new mobile terminal experience and meet the diverse needs of consumers. Today, let ’s experience what makes these four models stand out.

At first glance, the ZTE Axon M is not outstanding, but when you expand the screen, you will find that there are no holes. It is worth mentioning that in order to facilitate switching, the M navigation bar on the right side of ZTE AXON is designed with an M icon, and users can quickly switch in global conditions by simply pressing the "M" key in the system navigation bar. There will be a 1 second delay, but it will not interrupt the previous operation. Well, not much to say, let's talk about the four modes of ZTE Axon M in turn.

Single screen mode:

The single screen mode can be said to be the "standard mode" of ZTE Axon M. The mode of opening only one screen after two screens are folded is no different from ordinary mobile phone operation. However, in camera applications, the back screen can perfectly assume the role of a viewfinder. At the same time, when shooting a person, the state of the subject can be reflected in another screen, which is more convenient for portrait shooting.



分屏模式可以说是中兴天机Axon M的特色之一了,通过在两块5.2英寸的屏幕中打开不同的应用,可以实现双应用同时展现。比如在打王者荣耀的时候回微信,丝毫不影响战局,也不会遮挡画面;或是在看视频的时候聊社交软件、发弹幕、回邮件等等。同时双屏间通过双指滑动即可切换二者的顺序,互不干扰。




当然,现如今手游已经成为了人们日常不可或缺的娱乐活动,针对于热门的王者荣耀,中兴天机Axon M还在系统中内置了专属手柄应用,透过它可以实现掌机般的体验,视线不被遮挡的同时,手感也更佳。由于是对画面直接做了镜像处理,因此手柄的每个区域都对应着上屏,直接点按大致区域即可快速上手。


在此模式下,双屏间的界限被打破,整部手机成为一台小平板。此时打开应用的话,内容会完全平铺于两块屏幕中,横屏下打字的体验非常棒。同时在浏览方面也很适合阅读网页、书籍等等。并且中兴天机Axon M还被誉为直播神器,主播可以一屏直播,另一屏看弹幕与粉丝实时互动。

When using ZTE Axon M to scan Weibo or chat, typing is no longer a problem, and the input on the screen and input on the screen are very convenient. It will not cause any troubles due to dense word counts and too small fonts. At the same time, when entering text, the input area on the lower screen will be larger, reducing the chance of accidental touch, and the speed of coding an article is much faster than before.

Mirror mode:

Mirror mode, as the name implies, allows the two screens of the phone to display the same content at the same time. When using this mode, the phone is folded and rotated by 60 degrees and placed on the desktop to solve the many inconveniences of sharing the phone screen by multiple people, such as sitting on the screen. Opposite two people watch the movie at the same time, or share work content / conference call with colleagues.

However, once you open your mind, you will find that the upper and lower screens (horizontal) are like cheaters in some games. After turning on the mirror mode, the same screen is displayed on both the upper and lower screens. The upper screen can be designed for vision, and the lower screen can be directly used for operation.

Full text summary:

Generally speaking, the four modes of ZTE Axon M have their own strengths, and different scenes have different experiences. Although there are some flaws in the performance in some cases, it is a new form of mobile phone. Over time, the user experience in the future will be perfect. Today, ZTE Axon M is seriously homogenizing mobile phones. It does not stick to the status quo, and has created a new category of folding smartphones, bringing a better experience for users and developers. If you are interested in this phone, you might as well try it for yourself, I believe you will be deeply attracted after getting started.

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