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Don't buy blind mobile phones in May, six full-screen mobile phones are the most worth paying attention to

Don't buy blind mobile phones in May, six full-screen mobile phones are the most worth paying attention to

Don't buy blind mobile phones in May, six full-screen mobile phones are the most worth paying attention to


Apple iPhone X Plus

        The iPhone X Plus still uses Liu Haiping, but it is narrower than the iPhone X. In addition, the screen size becomes larger, and the visual impact of the iPhone X Plus will be greatly enhanced. The iPhone X's surgical-grade stainless steel is still prone to scratches. In the concept, it can be assumed that Apple uses a more durable and scratch-resistant material, such as titanium alloy. Even the return metal aluminum is less likely to be scratched. The iPhone X Plus will be equipped with a more powerful A12 processor, and the memory is expected to be upgraded to 4GB. The recognition efficiency and accuracy of Face ID will also be optimized and improved. Apple's sales of iPhones are expected to decrease year by year from 2015. The sales of iPhone X are far lower than the company's expected sales. Under the premise that the cost of mobile phones cannot be reduced in the short term, the price of iPhone X Plus will exceed any previous iPhone. If you haven't bought the iPhone X, you can wait for this slightly mature iPhone. See what do you think of the iPhone X Plus here?

Xiaomi mix2S

        In design, Xiaomi MIX2S does not use the iPhoneX-like bangs screen design, which is very worthy of recognition, especially for the white version, the value is very beautiful. The ceramic material used on the back of the fuselage also feels pretty good. In terms of such a price, it feels not expensive after experiencing it, and it is completely worthwhile compared to other brands of mobile phones on the market. I wonder what do you think? Mix2s is surrounded by strong enemies, Huawei P20, Apple X, Samsung S9, etc. Xiaomi can come out with such a nearly perfect machine can actually just front these flagship machines, but the snap-up is really a bit awkward. Xiaomi entrepreneurship has brought us so If there are many surprises, if the problem of snapping up can be solved, it will not be impossible to win the domestic ranking in the future.

vivo X21

        vivo X21却凭借全屏幕+AI等诸多技术创新打破了国产机同质化的竞争局面,逆市而上取得良好的市场销量及口碑,得以让vivo品牌持续稳居国产手机前三位,这无疑是一次漂亮的突围。手机熄屏状态下无论是来电、消息还是日程提醒闪光灯都会闪烁提醒用户,既做到了安静不吵闹又让用户不会错过重要信息,可谓一举两得。以上功能只是vivo X21带来用户体验升级的冰山一角,X21在拍照、游戏、系统上加入了AI优化后还有更多好玩好用的功能等待用户的发现。虽然vivo X21一面市就迅速蹿红,但对于更新淘换快的智能手机市场而言,现在宣布胜利还为时过早——IDC数据显示,2018年第一季度中国市场智能手机的出货量跌破1亿部,业内预计在2020年5G到来之前,vivo或将在2018年启动5G终端试验样机的研发,参与运营商规模试验;在2019年推出5G预商用终端;在2020年实现5G智慧手机商用……而这样的速度,显然是高于其他同行业的。




        When the R15 was not released, the gradient color had caused a sensation. The sight of the real version did not disappoint users. It can be said that color is a door to open the product. Many brands have their own thoughts on color matching. They want to use color to convey the season, festival atmosphere, and even brand personality, and use color to express the desire of young generation users for mobile phones. The R15 is equipped with a maximum operating memory, 6GB of storage and 128GB of body storage, which can be said to just meet the needs of consumers. In recent years, OPPO has quickly discovered that it has accumulated a lot of money and frequently submitted dazzling transcripts. Every move has also become the focus of global attention. OPPO R15 has also added gesture operations. When you swipe left from the screen, a notification bar appears. Click to reply The application of the message, the application will appear in the form of a split screen, the user can reply to the message without exiting the game or video. Users get the best experience.

Samsung S9

        The Samsung S9 has a 12-megapixel single-camera rear, and the S9 + has a 12-megapixel wide-angle + telephoto dual-camera. In dual-camera, the main camera supports F1.5 and F2.4 aperture switching, enhancing the ability to shoot in dark scenes. Obviously, S9 + is more competitive. The 720P / 960fps slow-motion video that attracts much attention is supported by both models, so don't worry too much about this. The Samsung S9 series will still be divided into 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch versions. The 5.8-inch Samsung S9 is codenamed Star 1. The 6.2-inch Samsung S9 + is codenamed Star 2. The product models are SM-G960 and SM-G965. On the chip, Samsung S9 and S9 + will be equipped with next-generation Snapdragon 845 and Exynos 9810 processors. Fingerprint unlocking / iris unlocking / face unlocking, Dolby Atmos dual speakers, Android 8.0, IP68 waterproof and dustproof. Today, the phenomenon of heap parameters in the mobile phone market is widespread, so there is no shortage of high-profile, high-value mobile phones in the domestic market.

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