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一、Brand profile
Shenzhen Ocean Xiangrui Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 2013, is a holding subsidiary of Zhejiang Tanac Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tanac Automation”, stock code: 300461). As a pioneer in the intelligent automation equipment industry in China, it is engaged in the research & development and production of intelligent precision CNC machine tools, industrial robots, special automatic machines, large-data NC system and other specialized solutions. With an annual output of 2,000-2,500 sets of intelligent precision CNC machine tools, our Company has installed over 10,000 precision CNC machine tools in the world up to now. It also provides specialized solutions to the touch screen glass, sapphire, ceramics, acrylic, aluminum, plastic and small hardware parts of the fashion digital products, smart phones, tablet PC displays and other 3C products.
Taking the corporate mission to “realize localization of the world-class CNC equipment”, Ocean Xiangrui keeps learning from the experience and moving with the times in practice. In terms of the business operation, it upholds to the research and innovation, focuses on the processing technology of products and helps customers improve their production efficiency and become more competitive with the most advanced technology and ideas and the most practical experience and solutions.
Cooperation with Ocean Xiangrui, you will obtain the industry-leading experience and technology, as well as full range of tailored solutions.
三、R&D Strength
Our technical strength is centralized in the fields of intelligent NC technology, high-speed high-accuracy carving technology, intelligent automation and precision molding technology.
1. We have an international R&D mechanism network developed in combination with colleges & universities, research institutes and partners.
2. We have a technical R&D team with more than 40 people.
3. We input more than RMB 15 million (no less than 10% of total sales) into research and development every year.
4. We have industrial innovative products, patented new products, industry-university-research cooperation innovated achievements, etc.

四、Quality Strength
Our company has foreign advanced inspection equipment, and currently has more than 20 sets of instrument equipment mainly including coordinate measuring machines, two-dimensional inspection instruments, high-speed spindle inspection instruments, dynamic balances, laser interferometers, ball bar meters, etc.
In the philosophy of “Zero Defect” and “One-time Right”, Yuanyang Xiangrui makes products in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality management standards, realizing “Lean Production”.
The reliable stable mechanical equipment can keep performance for a long time and is low in failure rate, thus giving full play to the maximum efficacy of equipment to the greatest extent. Our philosophy: help customers to improve the production efficiency, reduce the investment operation cost for customers, ensure constant in-production state of equipment and improve the investment return level and profitability of customers based on high reliability and stability.
Two-dimensional Inspection Coordinate Measuring Machine Coordinate Measuring Machine


Dynamic Balance Laser Interferometer Ball Bar Meter